Salisbury Market update

DECISIONS have been made on some key elements of the Market Place and Guildhall Square refurbishment.

Under a new design brief being drawn up, none of the trees will be felled, although maintenance work on those that need pollarding will start straight away. And new trees will be planted in the gaps in the avenue.

The war memorial will not be moved, and a way is being sought to extend it to allow more names to be added. Parking will not be allowed.

Wiltshire Council has been asked to create at least eight spaces for blue badge holders in New Canal, opposite the Odeon, by moving motorbike and coach parking.

If that is not possible the whole parking issue may have to be looked at again, according to Salisbury Area Board chairman Cllr Richard Clewer (Conservative), who has been leading the community group trying to find the best way to take refurbishment plans forward.

In addition, nine more on-street bays will be created in Silver Street and Minster Street.

A 10 squared metre sample area of the proposed new granite surface for the squares will be laid for the public to test whether it is suitable for people with wheelchairs, prams and walking aids. The best location for disabled toilets is still being looked into, but cllr Clewer said it will be close as possible to the existing public toilets. No decision has been made on a new lighting scheme, and it will be left up to the architects, Letts Wheeler, to come up with suggestions.

Area Board members backed the community group’s findings at their latest meeting, at South Wilts Grammar School, and Cllr Clewer said their decision is binding.

He added that he personally would like to see history boards put up in the square for the benefit of tourists.

The new designs, when completed, will be put on display for a public consultation, and a final vote on them will be taken by the city’s Wiltshire councillors at a public meeting of the area board.

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