Reduction in One Hour Parking Charges

To ensure visitors can take advantage of a proposed 10p reduction in one hour car parking charges in Trowbridge, Chippenham and Salisbury as quickly as possible, Conservative controlled Wiltshire Council is bringing in a discount.

The one hour charge in car parks in Chippenham, Trowbridge and Salisbury (excluding Market Place car park) will be discounted by 10p. This  discount will be brought in from 28 November 2011.

On 8 November, Full Council agreed measures to encourage more visitors to Wiltshire’s shopping centres. These included reducing the one hour charge by 10p in car parks in Chippenham, Trowbridge and Salisbury.

The law dictates that the council has to give a formal period of notice before permanent changes to car parking charges can take place. This notice process has been implemented and the revised charges will formally come into force on December 19. While this statutory process is taking place, the council is discounting the charges to avoid the delay.

Council leader Jane Scott (Conservative) said:

“We want to make sure these charges are reduced as quickly as possible and avoid the delay caused by the traffic regulation order process. We have made our decision to discount the charges in these car parks and we have found a way to cut red tape so as many visitors as possible are encouraged to use these shopping centres which will help to reinvigorate the local economy.”

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