recognition for lower carbon footprint

Wiltshire Council has been recognised for its plans to reduce energy use and carbon emissions, and save money by being awarded the Energy Management Standard.

It coincides with Energy Saving Week which runs from 24 October 2011 to 31 October 2011. During the week people are being encouraged to take control of their energy bills at home.

Wiltshire Council has been awarded the British Standard BS:EN 16001 in Energy Management. Achieving this required the council to put in place a number of processes and a recognised energy management system. This gives the council a detailed understanding of its energy consumption, and opportunities to reduce energy bills.

As the council owns and runs a large number of buildings, one of the benefits the system has already delivered is that site managers now have a greater understanding of the energy used. This means trends, anomalies and potential opportunities for saving energy are being identified and acted upon.  This is in addition to the projects being implemented to achieve a carbon and energy saving by replacing inefficient equipment.

An example of a successful project is replacing the fluorescent lamps in bollards across Wiltshire with LED fittings. The new fittings generate light more efficiently than the previous ones, using a fraction of the electricity to light the bollard. This project produces an annual energy cost saving of £38,000, which will increase as energy prices go up.  

Conservative Cabinet member for the environment, Toby Sturgis said:

“I am delighted the Wiltshire Council has been awarded this standard which recognises our commitment to the environment and saving energy. We are all concerned with the rising costs of energy and as a large authority and large employer these rising costs have implications. We are targeting our efforts to reduce our energy consumption which will minimise exposure to future price increases. The energy management system will allow us to continually improve in the management of energy issues, ultimately leading to reduced consumption and financial savings.”

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