Parking Discounts

Conservative Wiltshire Council has cut the cost of season tickets in its car parks across the county straight away.

The decision to discount by about 20 per cent the cost of standard parking season tickets was made at a full council meeting in November.

The law dictates the council has to give a formal period of notice before permanent changes to car parking charges can take place.  This notice process has been implemented and the revised charges will formally come into force in January.

But in the meantime, the council is discounting season tickets straight away for drivers' benefit.

Wiltshire Council leader Jane Scott said:

We want these charges to be reduced as quickly as possible and avoid the delay caused by the traffic regulation order process. These changes will be good news for workers in our market towns and for those who frequently park in the county’s car parks. We will be working closely with the business community to ensure people take best advantage of this scheme and can benefit from real savings.


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