New powers for victims of domestic abuse

New powers for victims of domestic abuse

Wiltshire Police launched a major pilot scheme on 1 July designed to help victims of domestic abuse. Wiltshire is one of just three police forces to pilot new powers to stop abusers from going back home after an arrest for violence has been made and where the alleged abuser is not charged or given bail conditions. These new powers are called Domestic Violence Protection Notices and Domestic Violence Protection Orders, sometimes known as 'Go Orders'.

Normally, victims would only receive immediate protection if the police arrested and charged the abuser. Bail conditions could then be set to protect the victim. But if the alleged abuser was not charged, she or he could be free to go back home.

These new powers will provide the court with the ability to stop that from happening if they believe the order is necessary to protect the victim from further violence.  For more information go to

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