Extra Boost for Warminster for Christmas

CHRISTMAS shoppers in Warminster are being given an extra boost as the town council is offering two free hours of parking throughout December.

The deal, a seasonal extension of the Warminster Parking Partnership introduced in May, will work with Wiltshire Council’s one-hour vouchers to make three free hours from December 19-24.

Under the Warminster scheme, the 22 participating town centre businesses reimburse shoppers for their parking tickets if they buy from their stores.

The traders are then reimbursed from a fund of £2,000 a month provided by the town council.

Support for the scheme has been steadily increasing, and the council has removed administration charges to encourage more retailers to take part.

Partnership chairman and town councillor Tony Nicklin said: “Wiltshire Council has produced a fair and decent scheme, but the application is impractical.

“People will be shopping long before the last week before Christmas.

“Everyone needs a bit of help before Christmas, and an hour off here and there should help.

“We are dedicated to making sure our town centre businesses survive this recession.”


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