Disease tree to be felled

Cllr Richard Clewer, Conservative chairman of Salisbury Area Board, is reassuring Salisbury residents that the disease that has struck down one of the trees in Salisbury’s Market Place isn’t likely to infect the others. The lime tree opposite the entrance to Cross Keys shopping centre has the potentially fatal and highly contagious honey fungus.

The fungus has almost certainly spread across the area but it only affects trees that are otherwise unhealthy, that have the tree version of a compromised immune system. It does have to be replaced but it doesn’t need to be ripped out straight away and we don’t need to worry about the fungus affecting its replacement.

Members of campaign group SOS Trees were disappointed at the news but accepted the tree must be felled.

Spokesman Laura Bell said:

Nature has dealt us a blow, but these things happen. It is extremely sad, but we do have complete faith in the officers to do the right thing. We have asked about replacing the tree but apparently it’s tricky when there’s been honey fungus on the site.

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