Conservatives working in partnership the Calne Town Council

Working in partnership to improve the street scene

Conservative-run Wiltshire Council is setting up six pilot areas where it will increase its street scene partnership working arrangements with town councils to maximise the use of resources and focus services on locally identified issues.

The council already undertakes many partnership schemes with town and parish councils. The pilot schemes will build on the previous working arrangements and will seek to bring further improvements in services for no extra cost.

The Calne area will be the first of the pilot schemes. Wiltshire Council street scene staff (based at the Parsonage Way depot) will be working with Calne Town Council and the local community to help with events such as school litter pick days and community action events. The loan of litter picking equipment, such as litter pickers, bag hoops, refuse sacks and gloves are available for community and charity groups with no charge.

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