At a meeting of Wiltshire Council held in the Corn Exchange in Devizes on Tuesday 25th June members passed the long awaited Core Strategy which will gives a single planning framework for the County until 2026.  In addition the new County Minerals Strategy as well as a new Standards framework for elected members throughout Wiltshire were passed.

The Lib Dems plan for our Wiltshire Downs

During the course of the meeting Conservative Members of the Council defeated a Lib Dem move to allow unrestricted wind farm development in the County.  Instead Conservatives voted to impose planning guidance to limit the distance of wind farms from residential dwellings depending on the size of the wind turbine. In adding ground breaking  planning guidance on wind farm development to the Core Strategy Conservative Members added policy that allows both for the development of small scale micro generation sites and for the final decision on whether planning distances should be applied to wind turbines to be made by local communities on a case by case basis.

Commenting on the move Councillor Linda Conley who proposed the wind farm restrictions said “On behalf of my residents I am delighted that we have been able to defeat the Lib Dem proposals which would have littered Wiltshire with wind farms”.

In a fiercely fought debate on the issue many Liberal Democrat Councillors showed their support for onshore wind energy.  Conservative Councillor Jonathon Seed commented “We have spent months working on sensible planning guidance which places reasonable constraints on attempts to cover our priceless Wiltshire countryside with wind farms.  It is a real pity that the Liberal Democrat opposition could not tear themselves away from their green dogma and instead they all voted in favour of unfettered development of wind farms in Wiltshire.  ”

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