Chippenham young people to give their views on youth activities

Young people in Chippenham are being asked to help decide the type of activities available in their area as part of the new approach to youth activities in Wiltshire.

Young people are already getting involved in a number of activities in the Chippenham area under the new youth activities model brought in by Wiltshire Council. Riverbank Studios based at Olympiad in the town was given £5,000 by the area board to offer musical sessions and new self-defence sessions are also taking place in the same venue.

Conservative Cabinet Member for Children’s Services said: “Young people always have fresh ideas and their enthusiasm and energy can help make things happen. I believe taking this questionnaire to the schools will ensure a wide range of young people have their say and ultimately become involved in activities they want to do in their area.”

A questionnaire is going out to all three secondary schools asking for ideas and assessing what kind of interests young people want to be involved in outside of school.

The questionnaire will go out from the Chippenham’s Local Youth Network (LYN) which is co-ordinating youth activities in the area. The LYN already has a wide number of people involved in its steering group including local young people, local charity Chippenham Borough Lands, Wiltshire College, Schools Partnership, Chippenham Area Partnership and Wiltshire Police. The questionnaire, which runs until the end of January, will also be available online at

Since October Wiltshire Council’s new model for youth activities has been brought in across Wiltshire with local communities becoming closely involved in arranging activities for their young people, liaising with local groups and ensuring the sessions match what young people want to do. The new approach aims to ensure as many young people as possible are able to access community activities while the service gives taxpayers value for money.


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