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Holding a referendum on our EU membership

The Conservatives fought hard to fix the aspects of our EU...

Budget 2016: putting the next generation first

This is a  Budget that puts the next generation first – a Budget to make Britain fit...

Wiltshire Lottery Winners 2015 update

Latest winners for the Wiltshire Lottery 2015:  December - Mrs S Mounsey, Lea

Jacob Rees-Mogg MP to come to Salisbury

Salisbury Conservative Association Annual Dinner with Jacob Rees-Mogg MP on 17 September 2015


News from James Gray MP

Break a Leg

There’s nothing quite as risky as just being alive. I love those signs on pylons which read “Danger of Death.” 

Update from James Gray MP

Windows of Opportunity

Life has occasional narrow windows, tests to pass, hurdles to overcome, beyond which wide horizons open up. Births, marriages and deaths, of course; 

The First Conservative Budget in 19 years

Key Point from the Chancellor's Summer Budget

Wiltshire Clay by James Gray MP

An MP has to keep his feet well-grounded in the Wiltshire clay. So before setting off for my first full week in Westminster, I enjoyed a range of grounding events.


James Gray MP - State Opening of Parliament

State Opening of Parliament.

It would be easy to deride the State Opening of Parliament as a load of flannel and frippery, flunkies and floozies, flummery and folderol.

James Gray MP Post Election Update

James Gray MP - re-elected

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