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Wiltshire to Westminster update by Andrew Murrison

Incinerating people, hacking off heads and selling women into sex slavery represents unalloyed medieval barbarity. Any UK citizen associating with or assisting so-called Islamic State must be dealt with severely and I commend British Muslim voices for their unequivocal condemnation of those manipulating the tenets of their faith to justify violence.

Pewsey community campus gets the green light

The Vale Community Campus will be built on Wilcot Road as a split site campus housing a range of services including the recently built library.

Wiltshire pupils make the grade

Wiltshire pupils performed above the national average according to the latest figures released today (29 January 2015)

Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard: Wild boar survey underway in north Wiltshire following tragic M4 crash

A SURVEY of the population of wild boar being carried out in north Wiltshire after a man was killed when he crashed into one on the M4.

Thousands have their say as car parking consultation comes to an end

Conservative Wiltshire Council started the comprehensive public consultation in October last year to hear people’s views on its car parking policy. The review ended on 19 January and almost 5,000 residents and businesses have had their say.

Debates and Hustings James Gray MP

“Civilised debate.” What does that really mean? The Pope is of the view that no-one should be allowed to insult someone else’s religion, or else fear for the consequences. That is certainly true. We abhor cartoons, slogans, or writing attacking Christianity; the same applies to Islam. It is wrong, and it should not be allowed. But it does not justify the kind of violence we have seen in recent weeks. No civilised person - Christian or Muslim - would say that it does.

Chippenham young people to give their views on youth activities

Young people in Chippenham are being asked to help decide the type of activities available in their area as part of the new approach to youth activities in Wiltshire.

Wiltshire Council adopts core strategy

Wiltshire Conservative Council has adopted a framework to shape the development and growth of Wiltshire for the next 12 years.

Make a difference to help us win in Chippenham

By making a hour's telephone calls from the comfort of your own home, could be the deciding factor of winning the General Election or not. Click here to find out more

Je Suis Charlie - James Gray MP Update 14 January 2015

The world stands in stark horror at the appalling events in France over the last few days. The sheer barbarity of the murders of innocent people; the terrorising of a nation and beyond; the despicable attempt to silence the press and thinkers - all of these are beyond words despicable. We are right to be heartbroken, outraged and concerned about the future in equal measure. But what should we now be thinking and doing in its aftermath? Let’s start with a few things we should NOT be doing.

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