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The General Election has started

They’re off…… by James Gray

The Gazette and Herald (very properly) do not carry MPs’ Columns during the Election Campaign itself. But that does not prevent me keeping my readers up to date by email! It would be a shame to deprive you of my weekly musings and ramblings.

Healthy celebrations in Wiltshire

Conservative Wiltshire Council hosted the Public Health Awards in the atrium at County Hall which saw more than 130 organisations and individuals nominated for their work, a record number.

Wiltshire to Westminster Dr Andrew Murrison MP

A number of people have written to me about Community Cleanup Day which seems to have sparked the imagination. Spring cleaning used to be firmly in the domestic calendar but has fallen out of fashion with modern living. Perhaps we should evolve it to get people tidying up neighbourhoods. I enjoyed collecting my sackful of litter in just a few minutes outside Westbury even if I did get some funny looks. Maybe we could make it a fixture on or around the first day of spring?

Try my best to serve by James Gray MP

David Eccles, who was MP here from 1943-1962, wrote to me when I was selected as the candidate 19 years ago. His long and distinguished Commons career he summed up thus: “I tried my best to serve the people of North Wilts.” So too did Daniel Awdry from 1962-1979, Richard Needham, 1979-1997, and indeed had Captain Cazalet who was MP from 1924 until his death in a wartime air-crash in 1943. I can think of no greater accolade than “He tries his best to serve the people of North Wiltshire.”

John Glen MP welcomes funding for veterans village in Wilton

On March 18, 2015 John Glen MP warmly welcomed the announcement in today’s budget that £3.5 million of LIBOR fines have been allocated to Alabare Christian Care and Our Wilton Trust to create a new Veteran’s Village at the former Land Command HQ site at Wilton Hill, in the Salisbury constituency.

News Update from Andrew Murrison MP

Dr Andrew Murrison MP

Wiltshire to Westminster

I’ve had a reply to my letter to the Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Group about considering the old Westbury hospital as a possible site for the 20 bed specialist dementia care unit it wants to establish. HealthWatch is coordinating the consultation for the location of the beds and, in response to my request, the CCG has asked 


Melksham Town Council by-election on 19 March

Melksham Town Council - Central Ward by-election - 19 March 2015

Conservative Candidate, John Stewart

Warm & Safe project to help people stay safe and healthy in their home

Local residents are being encouraged to find out more about the support available to help them live in safer and healthier homes.


Park & Ride services secured

The future of all five Park & Ride sites in Salisbury has been secured along with many other bus services in and around the city.

Update from James Gray MP

There is still a couple of months to go until the General Election, and more than a month before the campaign even starts. Yet my colleagues are getting restless already.

It was good to see the Green candidate out and about both in Royal Wootton Bassett recently, and in Malmesbury on Saturday before my surgeries. They were handing out green cakes, singing green songs and boldly advocating greenery of all kinds.

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