Campaigning in Trowbridge

Campaigning in Trowbridge – Update

A big thank you from our candidate, Chris Auckland, for all of you who have helped to deliver a personalised, individually addressed, 60 Second Survey to voters in the Trowbridge Lambrok Division on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

For this key information-gathering exercise, Chris would like to thank the three PCC candidates, Angus Macpherson, Cllr Alan MacRae, Chris McKell; as well as Cllr Linda Conley (Winsley & Westwood), Chris March (Deputy Chairman Membership SWWCA), Gladys MacRae (Chairman of NWCA), Martin Newman (Candidate for Winsley & Westwood) and Dirk Russell (Wiltshire Agent).

Chris’ 60 Second Survey is now available to complete online please visit

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