Calne Elects Youngest Town Councillor

Phil Redmond, Conservative candidate for Calne Marden Ward, was elected with 57% of the vote on Tuesday, 10 January 2012.

At just 19, Phil is the youngest Town Councillor Calne has ever elected. He campaigned on:

  1. Opposition, like the Conservative councillors on the Calne Lobby Group, to Hills increasing their recycling operation at Compton Bassett.
  2. Support for an Eastern Bypass.
  3. Seeing Calne developed as a great place for businesses.
  4. Wanting to see a thriving town centre with a mix of shops.
  5. Wanting to see opportunities for young people improved.


The election result was as follows:

Ross Henning (LibDem) 220 (43%)

Phil Redmond (Cons) 296 (57%) ELECTED

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