By-election on 24 July - Warminster Town Council

Dear Warminster Voters,

There are many issues and concerns that the people of Warminster have and as your elected Councillor I would make it my mission to ensure that the townsfolk get clear and transparent information about any such issues of concern.


Curbing over development

It is clear to me that in the West of Warminster there are some real worries about Housing Development. With the Core Strategy already showing plans for an additional 1,430 houses for the West Ward and the urban extension from Bath Road to Folly Lane. I can assure the residents that I  will work with Councillors Sue Fraser and Pip Ridout to make sure that the residents wishes and views are given due status. It is also important that the town receives as much benefit from the developers’ contributions as it possibly can, and that the appropriate infrastructure is in place for doctors’ surgeries, roads, schools and leisure areas to name but a few.

Also in this part of town, and long overdue, is the old garage site on Victoria Road/West Street. This must now get some general consensus to develop this site. It has been an eyesore for far too long and not a welcome sight for visitors or residents.

My Background

I am 39 years of age and have lived in Warminster for over 35 years and I am standing as a candidate to be your elected Councillor for this part of Warminster.

As a father of two small children, Douglas aged 7 and Arabella aged 2, and as a chairman of governors, I strongly believe that it is paramount to maintain, improve and support the lives of Warminster’s youth. If elected I will support the Friends of the Town Park Committee ensuring that the park continues to be valued as wonderful resource for all.

Making Our Roads Safer

Safety is always an issue with children especially road safety. If elected I will campaign for the further speed restrictions. For example I would like to see the 30mph speed limit starting at the first house on Westbury Road and make all of the Portway estate a 20mph zone. The parents of the children of Portway would then feel reassured that their children are not going to be hit by a car as they go out to play.

Protecting our countryside

We live in a beautiful town and having just been married at the Minster Church I was delighted to see that Dorothy Walk has been left as a nature area, and is truly magnificent.

A vote on 24 July…

If elected I can assure local residents that I would do my utmost to represent them, always playing with a straight bat. I will endeavour to represent you with a good sense of humour and honesty; always looking at both sides of any argument and concluding with sound and sensible judgements.

Representing the residents of my home town would be an honour and a privilege.

I look forward to meeting many of you when out on the doorstep.

Yours sincerely

Paul Macfarlane


49 Highbury Park, Warminster BA12 9JE

Promoted by Dirk Russell on behalf of Paul Macfarlane both of the Conservative Campaign Office, 12 Brown Street, Salisbury SP1 1HE






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