Conservative Wiltshire Council launches new apprentices campaign

Conservative Wiltshire Council and it’s partners are launching a campaign to help businesses understand the benefits of apprenticeships to their companies.

They have pledged to create 1,000 additional apprenticeships in Wiltshire businesses by July 2013, including having 100 businesses take on their first apprentice.

Through the Apprenticeship Grant for Employers (AGE) Grant, the National Apprenticeships Service (NAS) has earmarked £247,500 towards the Wiltshire campaign so that businesses employing less than 1,000 staff can receive £1,500 per apprentice aged 16-24 they take on (up to a maximum of 10).

Conservative Councillor Fleur de Rhe Philipe cabinet member for economy, said: “In the last few years Wiltshire employers have really stepped up to the plate to develop apprenticeship opportunities across the county and we want that enthusiasm to continue.

"Apprenticeships are key to economic growth and with the cash incentives on offer for eligible businesses and support from the Wiltshire Apprenticeships Campaign partners, we see this as a win-win situation for our businesses and hope that as many businesses as possible  will commit to take on an apprentice as soon as possible.”

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