Angus Macpherson welcomes changes to the licencing laws


Angus Macpherson, Conservative candidate for Wiltshire Police and Crime Commissioner, has welcomed two changes in licensing powers. The first enables local councils to impose a levy on late night licensees towards the cost of policing and the second gives them power to restrict sales in the early hours of the morning. Both powers come into effect on 31st October. Angus says:

It is right that those who sell alcohol should bear some of the costs of policing. Half of all violent crime is alcohol related and 67% of violent offences take place at night. I look forward to working with the two local authorities, who issue licences, in using these two new powers in cutting alcohol related crime in our towns across Wiltshire.

He went on to say:

It is a fact of life that the funds for policing are finite and will reduce over the next few years. The job of the PCC is to use those limited funds to commission the best service for crime reduction and policing. Working closely with our two local authorities is key to getting the best value for every pound spent.


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