Euro Elections

The European Election for 2014 for the SW Region is below.


UKIP: 484,184 (2 MEPs elected)

Conservatives: 433,151 (2 MEPS elected - Ashley Fox MEP and Julie Girling MEP)

Labour: 206,447 (1 MEP elected)

Green: 166,447 (1 MEP elected)

LibDem: 160,376 (0 MEPs lost)

An Independence from Europe, English Democrats, and BNP all lost their deposits

In Wiltshire the results were as follows:

Conservatives: 46,306; UKIP: 40,951; LibDems: 13,260; Labour: 12961, Greens: 12,769; An Indepdence from Europe: 2,005; English Dems: 1,336 and BNP: 869

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